Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Picture Books

Let's Do Nothing! - Tony Fucile
Frankie and Sal have run out of things to do: "We've played every sport ever invented" and "baked enough cookies to feed a small country--" Then Sal hits upon a solution: "Let's do nothing!" How hard could that be?

Stick Man - Julia Donaldson
Stick Man ends up far away from his family tree when he is fetched by a dog, thrown by a child, used as a snowman's arm, and even put on a fire, but finally Santa Claus steps in to make sure that Stick Man and his family have a joyous Christmas.

Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types - Sharon Werner
Animals of all types show what they're made of - from A to Z.

The Gingerbread Pirates - Kristin Kladstrup
When Jim's gingerbread pirate, Captain Cookie, comes alive, the tasty treat prepares to battle Santa Claus, who likes to eat cookies on Christmas Eve.

Looking Like Me - Walter Dean Myers
Jeremy sets out to discover all of the different "people" that make him who he is, including brother, son, writer, and runner.

Dog Biscuit - Helen Cooper
A little girl eats a dog biscuit by mistake and worries about the consequences. Includes recipe for "human-being treats."

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