Friday, December 4, 2009

New Nonfiction Books

Truce: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting - Jim Murphy
Describes the Christmas truce that occurred along Western Front trenches in 1914 and features quotations from young men on both sides, a timeline, and additional source material.

John Brown: His Fight for Freedom - John Hendrix
In the late 1850s, at a time when many men and women spoke out against slavery, few had the same impact as John Brown, the infamous white abolitionist who backed his beliefs with unstoppable action.

January's Sparrow - Patricia Polacco
After a fellow slave is beaten to death, Sadie and her family flee the plantation for freedom through the Underground Railroad.

Building on Nature: The Life of Antoni Gaudi - Rachel Rodriguez
Inspired by the natural beauty of his homeland of Catalonia, Antoni Gaudi became a celebrated and innovative architect through the unique structures he designed in Barcelona, having a significant impact on architecture as it was known.

Marsupials - Nic Bishop
Such animals as quolls and pademelons live on the continent of Australia, along with kangaroos, koalas, and many other marsupials. With breathtaking full-page images, including a double-gatefold spread, Bishop introduces the beauty and diversity of these amazing animals.

Django: World's Greatest Jazz Guitarist - Bonnie Christenson
Born into a travelling gypsy family, young Django Reinhardt taught himself guitar at an early age. He was soon acclaimed as the "Gypsy Genius" and "Prodigy Boy," but one day his world changed completely when a fire claimed the use of his fretting hand. Folks said Django would never play again, but with passion and perserverance he was soon setting the world's concert stages ablaze.

Tornadoes! - Gail Gibbons
Describes what tornadoes are, how they form, the scale used for classifying them, and what to do in case one approaches.

14 Cows for America - Carmen Agra Deedy
Maasai tribal members, after hearing the story of the September 11th attacks from a young Massai, who was in New York on that day, decide to present the American people with fourteen sacred cows as a healing gift.

Bad News for Outlaws: The Remarkable Life of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal - Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
This biography profiles the life of Bass Reeves, a former slave who was recruited as a deputy United States Marshal in the area that was to become Oklahoma.

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