Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Nonfiction

Papa is a Poet: A Story About Robert Frost - Natalie S. Bober
When Robert Frost was a child, his family thought he would grow up to be a baseball player. Instead, he became a poet. His life on a farm in New Hampshire inspired him to write 'poetry that talked,' and today he is famous for his vivid descriptions of the rural life he loved so much. There was a time, though, when Frost had to struggle to get his poetry published. Told from the point of view of Lesley, Robert Frost's oldest daughter, this is the story of how a lover of language found his voice.

Mysterious Patterns: Finding Fractals in Nature - Sarah C. Campbell
A photographic introduction to shapes and fractal patterns in nature.

Gravity - Jason Chin
What keeps objects from floating out of your hand? What if your feet drifted away from the ground? What stops everything from floating into space? Gravity ... Jason Chin has taken a complex subject and made it brilliantly accessible to young readers in this unusual, innovative, and very beautiful book.

We Shall Overcome: The Story of a Song - Debbie Levy
Traces the history of the inspiring anthem and explains how it has come to represents the right for equality and freedom around the world.

Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table - Jacqueline Briggs Martin
The story of former basketball star and current urban farmer and activist, Will Allen, whose vision of gardening from abandoned urban sites led to a grassroots feeding craze.

Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story - William Martin
Abridgment of: "Prophet with Honor". An account of the famed evangelist's life and ministry, examining Graham's character, contributions, and influence on the world religious scene.

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