Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Christian Education Resources

The Ultimate Book of Preteen Games - Group Publishing
100 games that are right for just preteens! These games encourage cooperation, not competition; everyone contributes to the group's success. Includes eight types of games:
  • Clumpbreakers – to mix the clumps of kids into one group,
  • Clumpbuilders – help kids know and understand each other,
  • Bible-in-Me games – fun and creative games based on familiar Bible stories,
  • Games for Little Clusters of Preteens – for groups of 10 or less,
  • Quiet Games – thinking and creative ability challenges,
  • Wild & Wacky Games – the name says it all,
  • Games for Special Days – Christmas, School's Out, Father's Day, and more,
  • On-the Road Games – for travel by van or bus.

  • The Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children's Ministry - Group Publishing
    52 skits connect kids with the Bible as they act out favorite Bible stories. Includes CD with background sound effects.

    No-Miss Lessons for Preteen Kids - Group Publishing
    Presents lessons for preteens to help them make ethical, moral choices, and to share what they learn. Includes 25 complete lessons using hands-on discovery, easy-to-plan field trips, activities, and games.

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